They build each other up, mindful that the world will try to tear them down

Billie Eilish onstage at the 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C., November 7, 2018. Photo: Laura Todd Carns

Playing a sport isn’t the only way for kids to exercise.

Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

For ballet, it may be too late. For writing, it never is.

Wireless wasn’t the improvement I hoped.

Photo by Daniel Fontenele on Unsplash

A love letter to my morning routine.

The best mornings are when the cat helps

Knowing better can’t silence my inner body-shaming critic.

Image by i yunmai via Unsplash

Dress the part.

Image courtesy Jessica Rockowitz via Unsplash

If forced proximity has you drained, you’re not alone

Photo: Francesco Carta fotografo / Getty

We are, quite literally, begging you.

As if 16-year-old me would have listened to advice.

The author at 16, impervious to wisdom

Laura Todd Carns

Freelancer & fictioneer. Contributor to Medium pubs Human Parts, GEN, Curious; bylines elsewhere in WaPo, Quartz, EL, The Lily & more.

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